​​Wisdom Tooth Problem

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that arises at adult age on the back four corners of your mouth the states of there usually at the age of 18 to 21. As a parent of wisdom teeth is a normal biological process so usually, no problem occurs but sometimes it may cause issues, two different people, as there are not enough places for new appearing teeth that cause pain and inflammation to an individual while these teeth start to emerge.

Some of the complications and problems that may occur during the emergence of teeth are discussed under.

Impacted wisdom teeth 

Teeth may appear as impacted there is not enough space for molars to appear and their option is not normal may be erected or not in its designated position.

Sometimes wisdom teeth appear partially that is only Crown of wisdom teeth is visible and the rest of the teeth does not find space for appearance and is stuck in the gums this leads to pain or it may erupt in a wrong position


or appearance of teeth in the wrong direction it is most likely to appear that molars do not find ample space for its eruption as already 28 teeth have taken enough space so teeth may appear but, at a wrong angle.


this may occur when there is not sufficient room for wisdom teeth arise so wisdom teeth start to affect neighbouring teeth by pushing them and making its space to reside. 

When wisdom teeth start to emerge some of the symptoms can occur normally


If your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt, there are some signs that there are problems associated with how they are emerging:​

Pain may be felt around and in the impacted teeth gums, surrounding teeth and even complete jawline and ear.


swellings or inflammation of gums is o observed sometimes step of infected gum may be seen as well.


Irritation of surrounding teeth irritation may occur for teeth surrounding the newly appearing molars as these do not find enough space to reside properly and sometimes affect other teeth causing much pain and discomfort.

Gum Disease and Infections

As molars reside in the last part of the mouth, so it is difficult to access the increasing risk of building gum infections that may lead to tooth decay.

Wisdom tooth Extraction

Due to these issues sometimes removal of teeth may be required but it is not always necessary to remove wisdom tooth sometimes the only removal of a flap of gum tissue is enough which acts as a way for erupting teeth. 

Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted in cases where the problem is not solved by taking all essential preliminary treatments.

Surgery is required to extract wisdom teeth for this during and after surgery you can expect the following 

  • before surgery when dentist prescribes that you need to have your wisdom tooth get removed then it is important to discuss everything about your health problem to the doctor before surgery you should list all the medicines you take on a daily basis like medication taken for blood pressure or diabetic medications
  • ask your doctor about everything you are confused about you can discuss about type of anesthesia you will have it would be local or general anaesthesia as well what degree of unconsciousness you need to have.
  •  The whole process will 30to 45 minutes at least 
  • local anesthetic is given and stitches are required to start immediate healing process. 

At Dr. Najila everything is done precisely and when it comes to the removal of wisdom tooth we pay extra concentration.