Oral hygiene is an important indicator of the overall health condition of any individual because from oral cavity you take everything inside your body. If your oral cavity is not healthy it means that you are not intaking a healthy diet and food due to this reason oral hygiene is of crucial importance for anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle and for good oral hygiene you need to take good care of your oral cavity by using proper brushing, flossing, and others mouth cleaning techniques. For maintaining an optimal level of oral hygiene that we should know what type of toothbrush should be used. Dentists suggest different types of brushes based on the needs and requirements of your oral hygiene. All of us use a toothbrush but most of us don’t know which toothbrush is right for us. So many shapes and sizes are available in the market it is very difficult to decide what type of brush is suitable for an individual. The Following are some suggestions that can help to decide the right type of brush for you.

Type of Toothbrush Suggested By The Dentist In USA

Most of the dentist and Healthcare professionals suggest that soft-bristled toothbrushes are greatly helpful in wiping out plaque and food particles from the oral cavity.

Brushes having small head are advice by the dentist as they help in removing food particles and plaque efficiently because of their effective size that fit in the oral cavity.

Your brush should not have the only favorable size to fit in the oral cavity but it should also have a handle that is convenient to hold, and easy to use. This helps in the proper cleaning of the mouth. many styles of the handle like slip grip or flexible are available in the market. with the advancement of technology now electrical brushes are introduced which are really helpful for people having dexterity issues.

When To Get A New Tooth Brush

Dentist suggests that toothbrush should be replaced within 3 months but you can replace it if starts to wear.