Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that usually emerge during the age of 17 to 25. when wisdom teeth appear it can we painful and highly disturbing for the mouth, it is due to the reason that most wisdom teeth need an extra space that ends in pain and might cause infection as well. The complication may occur due to the alignment of wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth are not aligned in an appropriate way that causes trouble for adjacent teeth, destruction to nerves or jawbone. It is possible that teeth do not develop completely, which can initiate gum disease jaw stiffness and swelling.

In some cases, wisdom teeth need to be removed or extracted due to the reason that it may not be able to place itself in a right position and may contribute to problems to adjacent teeth need to be extracted your dentist is going to tell you if wisdom teeth need to be extracted or removed so, if you are having consistent pain or your wisdom teeth is not placed properly you should consult your dentist, to ensure that no further problem is arised. At posh dental, we ensure that if you need your wisdom teeth removed, the whole procedure is done precisely, accurately, and pain-free. We make sure that even after the extraction of wisdom teeth healing process is rapid and painless. During the evacuation of wisdom teeth, a local anaesthetic may be required along with sedative ensure that the whole process is painless for the patient.

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Dr. Najeeb is truly an expert dentist. My wife recently had four wisdom teeth removed. She was nervous. From the first visit to the last, the treatment went smoothly and pain free.
Jolie Steele
Very Lovely and nice atmosphere. I have problem in my teeth consult dentist and they start treament. Before treatment I was so nervous but extraction and recovery went smoothly.
Chory Greese
I was so nervous to have my wisdom teeth treatment. But Dr. Najeeb najeeb and her staff make me feel so energetic and relaxable with their updated knowledge over the matter.
Clint Pines
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