Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is a dental procedure that is required for the people who have their tooth extracted or removed due to an infection or injury. Tooth extraction usually leaves an empty space behind which is occupied by the dental plaque and offer leads to the development of another infection of gums.

Usually, the process of periodical maintenance can be little painful but we at posh dental provides you unmatched services as we take each patient as our family so, every patient is handled in a way that feels extra comfortable during after the whole process is performed.

Posh dental staff is not only well qualified and recognized by the concerned bodies but also well known in the community due to its excellent services.

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During each visit for my treatment, I feel welcome by the front end team. The staff are so thoughtful and informative providing information needed to improve periodontal maintenance.
Graham Johnson
I was referred eo the Posh dental NY clinic to undergo some dental problems and periodontal maintenance issue. The staff are extremely well and love to do their work which is provided.
Colonel Jase
Posh dental NY clinic highly recommend by my dentist. A clinic with very professional, caring, informative and personable support team as well as friendly, politely and relaxing atmosphere.
Alex Handrick
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