Holistic Dentistry

We provide conventional and complementary dental care, focuses on whole body health. In this service, we offer identifying and underlying imbalances in the body,safely and effectively treats the problem along the conbination of modern dental treatment and natural remedies. We are one among the renowned place which is also an expert in holistic dentistry in Long Island with updated testing and treatment equipment.

This dentistry is also called complementary dentistry which is focused on eliminating the root cause of the problem rather than focusing on direct treatment of the disease. Holistic dentistry is quite diverse in its approaches and ways of treatments. Practices and methods of treatments vary extensively and mainly consist of diverse practices originated from past successful dental practices as well from modern scientific practices which are proven to be helpful. Holistic dentistry mainly focuses on basic principals like

  • The patient should intake a proper and nutritious diet
  • All toxins from the body should be eliminated and intake of toxins should be reduced.
  • Gum diseases should be prevented and treated ib biological basis
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Everything is well now! It was a very nice visit with my wife for her holistic dental treatment.
Victor Feast
The customer service was impressive. I like everything in office like staff, environment etc.
Warner Willie
They provide friendly atmosphere. I was patient of holistic dentistry, they solved my pain well.
Brie Larsion
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