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We provide all our patients with 24-hour emergency dentist care in Levittown NY. Same visit root canals, crowns, etc. are provided.

Emergency dental care is a situation in which a dental problem is arisen and needs to be looked at and treated and managed as soon as possible.

Emergency dental care does not always involve pain but pain act as an indicator of an issue of teeth or surrounding tissues. The treatment strategy is decided by the experienced clinician considering the origin and cause of pain.  Dental emergencies can arise from microbial infections like bacterial or fungal infection sometimes physical trauma can also lead to dental emergency care. In the case of dental trauma treatment options varies according to the location and extent of the injury.

Dental emergencies should be managed by the professional and trained dentist only as little negligence may lead to severe problems. At posh dental, we deal with emergency dental issues our qualified and experienced dentist dr. Najila Najeeb provides emergency dental services in a very professional and trained way.

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