Dental Sealants

Sealants are protective coatings applied to keep your teeth away from all kinds of damage, dental plaque, and infections. Dental Sealants are usually made of a special type of dental material usually plastic that keeps your teeth safe from bacterial acid that is usually formed by a normal flora of your mouth. This acid is formed in the oral cavity after anything is consumed in the mouth. Applying sealants on molars is proven effective in protecting them from an acidic attack. Anyone can apply sealants at any age but especially kids and teens are suggested to go for this as molar appear in this age and applying sealants can save teeth for a longer duration.

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Side effects

Choosing sealants can not only protect your teeth but is proven to be completely harmless and effective. Minor acute allergies may occur that can be easily managed.

Applying sealants is completely painless and quick. Only a few steps are required to protect your teeth for almost forever. Your dentist will clean and dry your teeth before applying a specific acid that will help the sealant stick to its position. After application of acid, the sealant is applied.

At posh dental sealants are applied with high quality and finest techniques that are currently being practised and accepted in the market.

We work closely with each patient, listening to their individual needs and requirements, this is the only reason we are well appreciated among the community who always prefer to choose us over others.

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Getting your sealants problem is not fun but I would not recommend any place but here!
Dani Deramonds
Dr. Najeeb does a wonderful job for sealants. I experienced tiny pain and a quick recovery.
Fred Dexter
This is one of the best dentist that could remove your sealants pain with satisfied outcomes.
Peter Regins
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