Dental implant is also known as a fixture it is a surgical component that is implanted in case of loss or tooth injury it is attached with the jawbone using strong attachment to give it a strong grip dental implants words on the basis of a biological process called osseointegration in which the implant forms a strong bond with the bone and gums of the mouth. This process can take two to six months depending upon the individual healing capability.

Reasons For Having Dental Implant

Dental Implant may be required when there is tooth loss due to injury or infection.

The implant is made up of Titanium which does not appear as a foreign substance to the human body. So, it is easily adjusted in the biological environment this implant has its own strong base so it does not affect neighbouring teeth.

Implanting synthetic implant work as the most popular alternative to natural teeth

The success of dental implants on various factors like 

  • age of the patient 
  • capability of healing 
  • drugs a patient is receiving or have received in the past may also affect dental implant acceptance by the body.

All of these factors their role in osseointegration of the implant and this can be easily affected by any of these factors and the dental implant could be rejected by the body.

Tooth replacement can be of the following types

  •  removable dental appliance or denture.
  • fixed dental appliance.
  •  dental implant

A dental implant is an expensive option as compared to the dentures which are affordable but also cause inconvenience to the patient by altering taste sensation.

Dental Implant is chosen considering  various factors

  •   Age of the patient.
  •  Overall general health condition of the patient
  • Cost 
  • Location of where the teeth needs to be implanted.
  • Condition of the jawbone.

Your dentist is going to decide if you need a dental implant and time would be required to heal it. At dr Najila dental clinic everything is decided on the basis of precise site examination and different patient-related factors.

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