Why are teeth so important?

The teeth differ in shape and size depending on where they are in your mouth. These differences permit the teeth to act in many different jobs. The teeth help us to chew and digest nutrition. They help us to speak or talk, and to pronounce vary sounds clearly. A beautiful and healthy smile can be a good asset, and because it is so significant, it creates sense to give your teeth the best good care possible.

How do I keep my teeth healthy through Dental Care?

Dental care is the practice of maintaining dental hygiene. It is a set of practices which help you maintain good dental health and makes your teeth last longer. Good dental hygiene can be managed by following some simple steps. It is important to follow these tips on a regular basis to prevent dental caries and dental diseases like dental cavities and tooth decay and gingivitis. Tips to improve dental health are as follows.


It is suggested to make a habit of brushing twice daily, especially in the morning and before bed. This helps to clean all the food particles that will result in dental caries and plaque.


After brushing and before going to bed it is advised by the dentist to floss the teeth because brushing can not remove food particles stuck in between interdental spaces. These particles are utilized by oral bacteria to produce acid that causes dental caries.

Mouth Washing

Using a fluoride mouthwash can not only give you a fresh breath but also builds up an environment that is unfriendly for bacterial growth.

Interdental brushes

These brushes are designed in such a way that they allow easy cleaning even in interdental spaces, So fewer bacteria accumulates and rate of dental plaque formation is reduced.