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family dentistry in levittown

Keeping good oral hygiene has almost countless benefits. Our mouth has direct connection with our whole body. If our mouth is facing problems that means you will face other body diseases, so dealing with your mouth is similarly as significant as dealing with the rest of your body.

Whenever we injure ourselves, we visit to a doctor to cure ourselves or we have seen that we go to the doctors for our checkups twice in a month. Some people consult with their family doctors because if someone consults to same doctor then his/her family doctor will have good knowledge of them and then treatment will be done in more proper way.

But the question arises, to whom should I consult as a family dentist? To whom I should believe?

There is a family dentistry in Levittown. How do you believe on my words? She has field experience and also she is the family doctors of many people in the town. She is one of the trusted and worth family doctors in the town. She and her team is very dedicated, qualified and true example of determination. Posh Dental NY is best Levittown family dental

The Team of Posh Dentistry are devoted to work with dedication, enthusiasm to the betterment of Levittown community members. Posh dentistry deals topnotch dental consideration with proper treatment that is customized toyour personal needs and wants. We are devoted to giving the most ideal treatment in a pleasing and joyful manner and patients will thought us as their part of family.

Our highly trained doctors are Dr. Najla Najeeb (DDS) HEAD DOCTOR and Dr. Zara Shahrukh(Dental Hygienist). Dr. Najla Najeeb is focuse on all aspects of dentistry, focusing mainly on Comprehensive Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry and Dr. Zara Shahrukh focuses on Oral surgery.

Posh Dentistry is outfitted with cutting edge dental technologies which makes us worthy among other dental clinics. We just work with the top labson the island to accommodate a snappy interval when doing crowns, dentures, crowns, veneers and so forth. Our least patient waiting time make patients relaxed (patients feel relaxation due to least patient waiting time). We do all paperwork in iPod so there isn’t any hectic job, so things done within time constraints. Poshdental is one of best family dentistry in Levittown.

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Posh Dental is equipped with the latest equipment and quality of dental materials. We only work with the top labs on the island to provide for a quick layover when doing crowns, veneers, dentures, etc.

dentistry in levittown

Meet Our Patients

Brianna Riley

Regular Patient

Dental implant with us which is one of the longest duration treatment. We did everything precisely and tried to give our patient a beautiful smile. On every visit, she was given attention and every bit of her procedure was done carefully. When she was with the whole treatment she had a big and beautiful smile which we love the most.

Alexa Camila

Regular Patient

is our another patient we feel happy to see the beautiful smile she had invisilgn that is the treatment to reposition teeth this defect occurs most commonly in our community.Traditional Invisalign usually are very expensive time consuming as we compare it the Invisalign.

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Dr. Najeeb is a wonderful dentist, Soft spoken and she addresses all my concerns. Staff are really pleasant. I would recommend her.
Blessing Jerome
Dr. Najeeb is very professional and her and the rest of the staff make you feel comfortable.
Marianna O.
I was finding in Long Island Invisalign. My friend suggests me Dr. Najla who is one of the best dentist in Long Island.
Amna Jilani
Dr. Najeeb was very informative & was very professional. She explained everything that needed to be done & I was very pleased with her.
Jacqueline C.

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