As a couple and parents, you want your child to feel comfortable when you bring him or her to the dentist. This feeling of comforts starts with the waiting room. Normally, kids do not have a similar level of patience that adults do when it comes to waiting for the appointment. Waiting is seemed boring and painful even terrorize if they are already confused about their visit. Hence, a child-friendly dentist clinic should contain toys and other items which is considered as an interesting fact in the child are suitable for any kids. These requirements are not only fulfilled in the dentist clinic, instead, but some requirements are also fulfilled for the dentist when they treat any kids.

Qualities and Characteristics of a kid’s dentist

There are several qualities and characteristics to being a pediatric dentist such as

Love Children – Pure love and concern for kids should be the highly attribute to look for in your kid’s pediatric dentist.

Patient – this is very important for any pediatric dentist that he and she should have a lot of patience goes without saying.

Authoritative – a dentist should be able to provide meaningful instructions that children will be able to follow.

Compassionate – the dentist should be showing compassion with children, it is very useful for any children who visited for their treatment.

Approachable and Kind – A friendly with smiling face and a warm handshake can go a long way. Always looking for those dentists who welcomes new patients with excitement and kindness.

Engaging – considering those dentists is the best who can capture the attention of children and get them to listen to what the child asks them.

Knowledgeable – it means not about dentist education, it is a must for every dentist who is qualified, instead, it means he and she know the kid’s feelings and emotions and understand child nature.

Has a Kid-Friendly office and clinic – the office place is important as the dentist. The office look has become a playful atmosphere such as fun decorations, attractive cartoons playing on the TV and toys should all be part of the pediatric dentist’s clinic.

Advises the children – The dentists who advise the children on how diet and drinks affect teeth and on the right care of teeth are more effective.


Finding a pediatric dentist for your kids is a significant part of helping them develop good oral hygiene habits at a young age. Dr. Najla Najeeb is one of the passionate dentist who has treat many pediatric cases in her professional life. She is very wonderful characteristics about understanding kid’s nature and she loves to treat kids with a friendly environment for better oral satisfaction.